Philips VisaCare SC6240 Microdermabrasion Machine Review

Philips VisaCare Review

There is not a single woman who wants to look old in today’s time or at any time! And so, the Dutch electronics giant Philips has recently introduced its new device into the market exclusively dedicated to making women look younger. It is known as the Philips VisaCare SC6240 and the women are already competing to grab one for them.

Philips VisaCare SC6240 Features

There are many anti-aging products out there in the market, but what makes the Philips VisaCare different are its features:

  • It acts as a compliment to other ant-aging creams and helps the creams absorb better.
  • The VisaCare has a Microdermabrasion technology, which is gently and smoothly scrubbing and massaging the skin.
  • This is enabled because the device has an exceptionally small ring at the tip containing 100,000 stationary particles which remove dead skin cells and initiates regeneration of new cells.
  • It has 2 different tips which women can choose according to their personal skin needs.
  • It is a slender looking device which is quite light.
  • It has a very feminine look to it and the built quality seems very sturdy.


Philips VisaCareThere should be many advantages which are attracting more women towards it. These include the following.

  • When it is fully charged it can be used for a number of rounds.
  • It does not take too long to complete one session.
  • There is nothing to worry about any side effects while using this because it has been comprehensively tested on regular women.
  • Most of the buyers seem to have positive remarks about it.
  • After the first use, the change in the skin is simply drastic. The skin feels rejuvenated indeed and it enhances the glow.
  • The two different rings or tips provide better flexibility for different skins.
  • As it is quite light and slim, it is very easy to use at home and has no risk of skin damages.


Everything has two sides to it and this VisaCare microdermabrasion device has no exception.

  • It is a bit too expensive compared to its contemporaries.
  • It takes time to charge it completely.
  • The backup time could have been longer.

The verdict

Women are always up on their toes when it comes to preventing skin aging and they would try anything to stop it. So the VisaCare is definitely suggested for those who want a state of the art device to treasure their beauty from getting vague and be gifted with a pristine skin.