Best Facial Skin Cleansing Brush Reviews For 2020/2021

Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body PolisherEvery time that I feel the need to relax, I immediately find refuge in the spa. It is one of the few places where I can forget all about my worries.

Aside from relaxation, another thing that I like about spa experience is that is an effective way to exfoliate the whole body, from head to toe. In the long-run, this can help in making the skin soft and younger-looking.

If you are interested in bringing home the services that could have been done to you while in the spa, I recommend that you purchase a skin care system that will scrub off all the dirt from head to toe. These products are used by many people to be free from any residue or other elements that can be damaging to the skin.

In this case, one of the products that I can recommend is the Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher, which consists of nine different items. With the use of this kit, it will be a lot easier for you to have a stress-free and well-rejuvenated body.

5 Questions to Ask in Evaluating Skin Care Systems

  • How much is it? If you are the type of person who is budget-conscious, this is one question that you should never forget to ask. In my case, and I am sure it is also true in the situation of many others, I prefer products that are cheaper. However, I do not emphasize price alone, as I need to make sure of its functionality.
  • What items are included? It is also essential that the skin care system is complete with the different products that can help promote what is best from head to toe. It is better if there are different attachments with various functions, which means that you do not need to buy a separate product as you have already got all that you need in one kit.
  • What are other people saying? Another important thing is the experiences of its users in the past, which you can learn about when you read the reviews that you can find posted online. It is good to use these reviews as the basis for the decision that you are going to make but see to it that the reports are authentic and not use for marketing.
  • What is the brand? It cannot be denied that many people emphasize brand name with the belief that better-known brands have better quality products. While this is true, I believe that even smaller and less known brands can also offer quality products, which are even comparable to their more famous counterparts.
  • Where can it be purchased? For convenience, I suggest that you consider buying online. To be assured that you will not end up being scammed, make sure that you first carefully take a look at the reputation of the seller. Choose a trusted seller and one that has been commended by many other buyers.


Washing your face even twice a day just does not entirely cut it anymore, thanks to the pollution and dust we are exposed to every day.

Now, using a face cleansing brush has become a necessity rather than a privilege. Considering the kind of innovation and advance in the cosmetic industry, using a facial cleansing brush is not too laborious. In fact, face cleansing brushes are a dire necessity if you do not want to deal with more concerning issues that may develop if you take your skin for granted.

Mainly, the two settings of a standard face cleansing brush are pulsing and rotating. Clogged pores, dead cells, impurities, and dust are deep cleansed and neatly removed through pulsing while turning works like a facial massage and helps with improving blood circulation.

There are brushes for every skin type under the sun. Below we have reviewed the best options for you.

Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System

how to clean clarisonic miaThe Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Care System can clean your skin significantly better than your hands alone. It can deep cleanse the skin without irritating it, fight acne, and reduce pore size.

It includes a sensitive brush head, a refreshing gel cleanser, and it comes in different colors.

You can also customize the product as per your skin care needs as you can choose from a variety of interchangeable brush heads including deep pore, acne pore, sensitive, and normal.

One of the many convenient features of this one-speed cleansing brush is that it is waterproof so that you can enjoy a kind and gentle cleaning in the shower. Also, if you use up the gel cleanser, you can easily continue to use the brush with your everyday daily cleanser.

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used twice daily. The brush can oscillate back and forth at more than 300 movements per second, thanks to the patented Sonic Technology.

It includes a travel-friendly charger, and each charge should last twenty days.

Currently, on Amazon, this product is being highly praised by customers.
It can be found online for $ 125-130, but if you search around a little, you can get even a sweeter deal.

Erisonic Cleaning System for Face and Body

The Erisonic Cleaning System for face and body lets you think beyond the washcloth and elevate skin cleaning to a sonic level. It infuses a harmonic blend of function and form with vibrating pulsating cleaning.

It comes with three different modes, and five different levels of intensity, making fifteen massaging and cleansing waveforms to meet the needs of every skin type.

The intensity levels include sensitive, normal, deep pore, and body skin.

User-friendly for young or old, men or women, this brush is completely waterproof.

It includes a battery level indicator, LCD screen with backlight, a base charger plugged into the wall outlet, and a charging/drying stand.

It is great to take on trips – it holds the charge for a very long time, so you don’t always have to take the charging base with it.

Erisonic’s vibrating pulsating technology gently removes impurities from pores, so that moisturizers, creams, and serums are absorbed better. It is useful in reducing dry patches, oily areas, and dry patches.

It does an excellent job of cleansing, and you will feel invigorated after using it. It can be found for less than $100 online.

Nutra Sonic

The Nutra Sonic Face Cleansing Brush helps to reduce or eliminate acne and prevent ingrown hair or razor burn.

It also helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches, blemishes, an appearance of visible pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The brush is effective, but gentle enough to use twice a day. It cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. It increases the performance of skin care products such as creams and moisturizers through better absorption.

The brush removes six times more makeup than manual cleansing and oscillates with speeds up to 400 times per second.

The entire kit comes with 3 heads – an all over body brush, normal skin, and sensitive skin.

One of the likable facets of this brush is that it is entirely waterproof and rechargeable. You can use it without risk at the sink, in the tub, or in the shower.

It helps improve skin texture for a younger looking skin, and leaves skin feeling and looking smoother.

This product has multiple favorable ratings from customers on the internet and can be found online for a little over $100.

Toilet Tree

Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care SystemThe Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care System can be used in the shower, as it includes water-resistant body and facial brush for exfoliating and deep cleansing. This waterproof feature is hugely useful.

The brush helps to lessen the appearance of dry patches, blemishes, oily skin, and fine lines.

This system comes with 4 heads: two face exfoliators, including a sensitive and a regular, one body exfoliator, and a pumice sphere.

You can bring it anywhere. It goes perfectly with the storage and travel case (sold separately on Amazon).

It is perfect for the removal and formulation process of cosmetics. It helps create firmer and healthy glowing skin through gentle message actions that urge the production of new skin cells. It makes your skin feel cleaner and softer than it usually does with hand washing.

The battery life of this product lasts incredibly long, which you will appreciate. The price of this product is very competitive. It can be found online for as low as $ 30-40.

Philips VisaPure For Men

Philips VisaPure MenThe Philips VisaPure for Men is designed to protect men’s skin from all signs of dullness, giving you radiant and healthy glowing skin every day.

It cleans your skin up to ten times better than hand washing with a simple face wash.

The device’s vibrating function breaks up dead skin cells and dirt, while the rotating function eliminates impurities.

The large cleansing brush offers excellent reach even to clean those parts of the face which are difficult for the hands to reach to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt thoroughly, leaving your skin smooth and clean.

The sensitive brush that can be paired with the device offers deep cleansing for sensitive skin, while the deep pore brush provides extensive cleaning and is ideal for people who are regularly exposed to pollution and dirt.

This product not just saves you from paying salon bills, but also makes your skin baby-soft by exfoliating dead cells. You cannot put a price on the value of healthy skin, so be sure to use this device.

It is available in several traditional retail outlets, as well as leading online stores and costs around $ 190-200.

Spa Sonic

Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body PolisherThe Spa Sonic Skin Care System gives your skin a clear advantage since it cleans significantly better and more profound than normal cleansing.

The Spa Sonic can soften, smoothen, and exfoliate your skin.

It makes your skin feel cleaner after every use because the gentle spinning action of the brushes removes dead skin cells.

It eliminates oil, dirt, and particles lodged in your skin. Thus, it promotes rapid absorption of skin care products.

The Spa Sonic can help you reduce the size of your pores if you have large pores. Also, it can help you even your skin tone and reduce fine lines.

You can use it with your favorite daily cleansers.

Overall, the Spa Sonic is a fantastic skincare tool that lets you treat yourself to a spa at your home comfortably. It has great versatility as it can be used on different body parts by easily switching brush heads or attachments.

Now, it is priced at $ 50-60 online, and buyers have posted positive feedback about this product.