How To Clean Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing Brush

how to clean clarisonic miaClarisonic Mia is a brush-like device used for skin cleansing and exfoliation. It is a favorite skin care tool for those who have been fighting acne battles.

Many have attested to the effectiveness of this technology, as it promised to clear our pores of all the unwanted dirt, which ultimately cause pimples. With all the good thing said about Clarisonic Mia, users should keep in mind that it cannot keep on efficiently clearing out skin if, in the first place, it is not clean.

So to continue the battle for clean and bright skin, you should know how to take care of the device you are using. So really, how does one clean a Clarisonic Mia?

How To Clean Clarisonic Mia

There are many ways of cleaning a Clarisonic Mia, though not all have been scientifically proven effective and safe.

Some of these are:

  • Washing the Clarisonic Mia’s brush with hot water and dabbing the bristles with alcohol. You should do it after every use of Clarisonic Mia, or once every week. It depends on how you judge the cleanliness of the brush or personal hygiene preference. However, many said that using alcohol for cleaning is a no-no.
  • Using a 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean your unit. It is similar to the cleansing water used for the contact lens.  Some users use products that are specifically anti-bacterial.
  • For those more thorough in cleaning Clarisonic Mia, some soak it in hot water with a drop of antibacterial soap and bleach. Definitely, with the soap and beach, bacteria thriving in the brush will die, although, you run the risk of ruining the bristles of the brush.

The cleaning mentioned above ways may be beneficial (or not), this usually depends on the users. Although it is best if you avoid harmful products in cleaning since what you use as a cleanser to clean Clarisonic Mia will affect the skin care product or your face. As a rule of thumb, you should consult the Clarisonic Mia’s manual to know what to avoid. Alcohol may not be the best cleanser for the brushes, although this can clean out bacteria but might affect the brush’s bristles.

For safe cleansing, you can wash the brush under running water and clean it with antibacterial soap. Remember to clean it very thoroughly. After that, you can let the device sit in a dry and clean towel until it dries off. And always remember to change the brush of Clarisonic Mia every three months to ensure that you get a brighter and fresher face skin.