Philips MS5030 VisaPure Men Essential Cleansing Brush Review

Philips VisaPure For Men

Philips is back again with a new cosmetic product solely aimed for men based on its very successful cosmetic brand VisaCare, the Philips MS5020 VisaPure Essential for Men. Very recently launched in the consumer tech show IFA in Berlin, Germany, the VisaPure for Men has already attracted a lot of attention from many skin conscious men. The main aim is to offer a better cleansing experience for men than hand cleansing.

Philips MS5030 VisaPure Men Essential Cleansing Brush Features

The MS5030 VisaPure for Men is made after doing a thorough research on men’s skin and has many eye-catching features:

  • It contains a circular brush and after switching it on, the brush rotates around the skin in a two-way direction.
  • Philips is calling this the ‘Dual Motion’ technology.
  • This is simply the brush rotating in a horizontal plane on the skin and at the same time the brush is moving or vibrating vertically on the skin. Thus, applying a greater amount of pressure on the skin.
  • Features 2 types of brush speeds or settings ‘Gentle cleansing’ or ‘Deep cleansing’ suitable according to the condition of the user’s skin.
  • It is completely waterproof.
  • Removable scrubbing brush head.


Philips VisaPure MenLet’s take a look at the good things about the VisaPure for Men.

  • After it is fully charged it provides 30 sessions of cleansing.
  • It is very fast, takes only 1 minute to have a full cleansing.
  • As it is waterproof it can be easily used during showers.
  • The ‘Dual Motion’ technology does a much better job of cleaning the face throughout the pores than hand cleansing and provides much better, fresher, brighter and smoother skin.
  • Increases blood flow to the skin and removes dead skin cells.
  • It comes with two other removable brush heads each made for different skin types.


There are not many things to say about the flip side.

  • It takes too long to recharge once the battery reaches near zero level.
  • The price could have been cheaper

The verdict

So the advantages fall on a much heavier side than the cons. Overall the VisaPure for Men is a great product for male grooming and it is a must for those who are always aware of their looks and want to stay attractive. So one just has to apply his favorite face wash cream on the face and then simply let VisaPure for Men do the rest of the job to change the dull gloomy skin into a fresh bright one.