Braun Cool Tec CT2cc Men’s Solo Shaver Review

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Like most men, I also want to have smooth skin all the time, especially when I am on a date or a business meeting. More than just being part of my hygiene it is one thing that makes me feel better and more confident with my physical looks.

With regards to this, I use the best electric shaver that is available in the marketplace. While razors are cheap, they often cause irritation in the skin especially those with low-quality blades. Electric shavers can prove to be a better option for quicker and smoother shaving experience.

Amongst the choices that are available in the marketplace, one of the best choices that can be taken into account is the Braun CoolTec CT2cc Men’s Solo Shaver. The rest of this article will tell you more about why the latter can prove to be an ideal choice. It has been a good choice for me and for many others, which can provide you with the guarantee that it is something that you will enjoy as well.

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5 Things to Look for in a Shaver

  • Ease of Use: Shaving will require time and effort, especially if your facial hair grows fast. For you to be not too lazy to do this, it will help if you can have a shaver that is easy to use. It should have an ergonomic design and a solid grip, which will prevent any forms of discomfort when you shave.
  • Long Battery Life: For sure, no one would want to be disrupted in the middle of the shaving action. It is annoying if you are shaving and the unit suddenly stops because of the need to recharge. With this, it is recommended that you buy a product with long battery life, which will not require you to have it charged every now and then. This is especially true if you shave regularly and for a long period of time. In relation to battery life, it should also charge quickly.
  • Durability: Like in the case of any other product, durability is a key consideration in looking for the perfect choice in this product category, which is also indicative of the best value for your money. Look for a shaver that can last for a long time, even if it is being used frequently.
  • Flexibility: For the shaver to be flexible, it means that it can be used for wet and dry applications. This means that whether you are at the sink for a quick shave or at the bathtub for more thorough shaving, the unit must prove to be functional and effective in the removal of unwanted hair.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Many people are troubled with the need to clean the shaver after it is used. It is good f you can choose a product that requires less maintenance. This means that less effort will be required on your part and that it will last longer.

Braun Cool Tec Men’s Solo Shaver CT2CC Review

Among the different features of this shaver, one that I personally find to be most notable is the Active Cooling Technology, which is a pioneer in the industry. With the integration of electro ceramic cooling element, it provides the skin with a cooling effect as it is shaved. This makes it possible for shaving to be more comfortable and to prevent skin irritation.

Another innovative feature of the CT2cc razor that is worth noting about this model is the SensoBlade, which makes it design unique than the other choices that are available in the market. This provides you with the guarantee that even the tiniest hair will be removed as it is able to shave in all angles and direction for a smoother result.

The 3-action Clean and Charge System is also another reason on why this product is a cut above the others, which is the first of its kind in the marketplace. Because of such, the shaver lubricates in a manner that is more efficient, cleans in a manner that is hygienic and comfortable, and charges quickly.

The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that is used by this shaver is one thing that makes it efficient in terms of its performance. In as quickly as one hour, it can be fully charged. When the battery is fully charged, it can be functional for up to 45 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can have it charged for 5 minutes, which will be good enough for one quick shaving.

Lastly, there were also many who have expressed their satisfaction over the flexibility of this model, which is proven by the fact that it can be useful for both wet and dry shaving. It is 100% waterproof, which means that it can be used even in the shower and also a reason for why it is excellent when it comes to durability.

Customer Opinions

In many of the reviews that I have read about this product, and based on my personal as well, this shaver is very easy to use. It is compact and has an ergonomic design, which means that it will require less effort when shaving.

Another thing that is commonly lauded by the users of this shaver is that it is perfect even for those with sensitive skin. It shaves smoothly while making sure that it does not lead to irritation or rashes, which is experienced in other shavers that have inferior quality. In fact, as mentioned earlier, it has a cooling mechanism that makes it comfortable to use.

Other things that have been highlighted in the reviews about this product, which are the reasons for the high level of satisfaction of its users, including being waterproof that makes it easy to clean, having LED indicator that will let you know the battery level, and functional for a long period without interruptions.

Additional Items to Consider

If you consider purchasing the Braun CoolTec CT2cc Men’s Solo Shaver, I suggest that you also purchase the Braun Synchro Shaver System Clean and Renew Refills. This will prove to be effective in keeping the shaving head as clean as possible when it is not being used.

Another item that I suggest you purchase is the Braun Series 7 Pulsonic 70S. It is recommended that the blades of your shaver should be changed at least once every 18 months. This replacement can prove to be best as it is compatible with your Braun shaver and will make sure of smoother and cleaner shaving experience.

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